With the utmost sincerity, Tay values the concept of commissioned art work. There is quite a difference in a buyer requesting a custom piece as opposed to viewing and buying a piece in an art gallery.

Tay has completed and sold numerous commissioned art pieces where the buyer customizes specific sizes, colors, and/or styles to match their liking.

He is always happy to incorporate any size and color request they may have to help match their decor beautifully.


If commissioned, he usually likes to discuss where the buyer plans to hang the piece sometimes requesting photos of the space and a brief description of the surrounding color families that will accent the piece.


Please contact him to discuss further options.



Thank you for your interest. For any inquiries or commission requests, please contact Tay Ghazi Art today. 

Normally we respond to emails very fast but please allow up to 24hrs for a response. Thank you, we look forward to helping!

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